Plus they think it will be a hell of a lot easier to buy the

The approach of the other teams to SA was going to be to see off Steyn and attack other bowlers (eg Morkel, Philander, Parnell, Tahir). Now all opponents are going to go after him from the get go because the mirage of formidability is gone when supposedly the best bowler on earth concedes >100 runs in just two matches. The emperor has no clothes! Yesterday, Yadav and Shami bowled faster than him and both they and Mohit Sharma bowled better than him..

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Sunday, Oct. 19, at the car show grounds. Raffle tickets, which are really cheap $1 each or six for $5 will be available at the fish boil and the car show, or you can purchase them ahead of time from any Club member or the boil master, Dan Peterson, at The Viking Restaurant in Ellison Bay.The club members will definitely stand out in the crowd ’cause they have on those cute little yellow and purple vests that Olga just loves.

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