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"They contacted us, said they had seen the jersey and asked if they could buy it and use it in the movie," said a laughing Sarns of contact with the movie's representatives. "They were super nice. The lady kept saying, 'We'll let you know. It was one of the worst drubbings in prison history yet ultimately, pure sportsmanship won out.San Quentin may have the seediest ball field in America: an all dirt diamond with faint chalk lines and an outfield corrupted by molehills. The local nine can't play a road game, key players go to solitary rather than the disabled list, and the fans' threats have to be taken seriously.But the view of Mount Tamalpais beyond the right field wall is divine. And the home team looked almost respectable in their Giants uniforms, donated by a major league team across the Bay."This is the only team to shake your hand before the game," said outfielder of the visiting semi pro NovatoNeither team had a full roster.

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