Evelyn Beckman, owner of Ambre Studio, has chosen for the show

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Hermes Kelly Replica Parked in front of the building is their beat up delivery bicycle, sans chain guard, its leather seat in shreds."You can see the guys have their pants strapped so they don't get caught in the chain. Just imagine how many times these guys who were not kids, they were in their 30s or 40s had to ride that bicycle from Main Street to the South Side, mostly to the Bethlehem Steel offices," Weiner says.Weiner's book is organized into sections, with topic titles such as "Bethlehem Steel," "Community," "Street Views," "Businesses," and so on. Evelyn Beckman, owner of Ambre Studio, has chosen for the show mostly street scenes that focus on the architecture just a few blocks in radius from her building, the former Siegfried's Drugstore. Hermes Kelly Replica

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